Following your Aftercare will directly contribute to the outcome of your tattoo. Please make sure to read and follow all the instructions outlined below as they are all important. If Aftercare is not followed properly it may result in infection, pigment loss and scarring. This is an investment in yourself so lets make sure you

 get the best results possible. 

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Trusting Your Artist

For some this is a big change. Going from little to no eyebrows, to a freshly tattooed eyebrow can cause brow shock. This is also the same concept for a Lip tattoo or any other form of facial enhancement.  It's important to know that everyone's journey is different. There are so many factors that come into play during the first appointment. Skin type, health conditions and medications are just a few examples. The most important thing to remember is being honest with your concerns as well as trusting your Artist through the whole process. You've chosen me for a reason right?

Healing Process - Eyebrows

Day 1: Tattoo will be bold, fresh and crisp - Healed results will not look like Day 1. Sometimes the pigment colour can look warm in tone until healed. This is normal.

Day 2-5: Tattoo will darken and be even more bold(painted on looking). This will last until the scabbing and peeling stage. Once the scabs have fallen off they will lighten. 

Day 5-8: Slight flaking and peeling begins. Do not pick, scratch or pull on the flake if you do experience this. Letting them fall off naturally is key in order to avoid infection, loss of pigment and scarring. Not everyone flakes or peels.

Day 9-14: Your tattoo will look very faded and like it has disappeared. This is normal - the skin has healed itself and grown over your tattoo. Patchiness may happen.

Day 14-45: Each week the colour will come back more and more. This is why we wait 8 weeks minimum before your touch up appointment. We do not want to add too much colour if its not needed. 


Photo Cred: Boheme Brow + Beauty Bar

All-natural yellow healing salve next to

Aftercare Instructions

No water or bodily fluids should come into contact with your eyebrows for the first 48 hours

Avoid eyebrow makeup, steam, sweating, pools, hot tubs or washing your face with hot water for the first 7-10 days, or until the scabs have fallen off. Everyone is different.

Do not pick, pull or scratch the area

Avoid direct sunlight or tanning beds for 30 days

First 30 Minutes: Dab the area with a cotton round every 5-10 minutes to remove excess fluids and to avoid scabs being formed.

After Four Hours: Gentle wash by dabbing with a cotton round and room temperature water. Pat dry and leave alone for 48 hours.

Day 3-10 Using clean hands, gently cleanse the area by dabbing with a cotton round and room temperature water, morning and before bed unless otherwise directed.

Day 3-10: Apply a very thin layer of aftercare ointment that will be provided to you to the clean area after washing. DO NOT use excessive ointment. A very thin layer will promote optimal healing. Skip this stage if I have advised different instructions for you. 

Once you are no longer flaking you may return to your normal routine. It is important during the first ten days to keep the area clean and dry(unless during your designated wash times).