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Scalp MicroPigmentation FAQ

Please give this page a thorough read prior to emailing me for a consult. This section should go over some common questions in regards to SMP. Once complete, please email to schedule a consultation. If possible, please include a clear photo taken in daylight of your scalp and the areas of concern. 

Man before and after hair loss treatment

Will it hurt? 

This is a very subjective question. For some people it doesn’t hurt at all and others feel it a little bit more. We can use numbing creams and sprays if needed and take breaks if required. 

Will it look realistic? 

This is also subjective. Everyone perceives things differently. For men - keeping the head shaved will help with realism. Following the Aftercare will also directly affect the realism of SMP as well. 

What happens when my hair turns grey?  

You may dye your hair if you desire. Otherwise, it may just look like you have a darker root which is completely fine.

How long does SMP last?  

There are so many factors to determine this. Everyone's body, skin, health is different. Sun exposure can also affect how long SMP lasts as well. Using a mineral sunscreen with a high SPF will substantially prolong the life of your SMP. Generally speaking, SMP usually lasts 3-5 years once you complete your 3 sessions.

How long does an SMP session take?  

It takes 2-3 sessions to complete the process. Each procedure is 2-3 hours long. Each session must be spaced 2 weeks apart. I ask that you come back a month after it is complete so I can have a look and make sure there are no imperfections and discuss any remaining questions or concerns you might have.

Can women get SMP?

Most definitely! We call this "Female Density" This will help with creating the illusion of thicker hair.

What is the Aftercare for SMP? 

This will be discussed at your consult.

How does payment work?

If you decide to proceed we will book your appointments during the consult. A booking fee of $100 is required. The remaining balance will then be split into two payments. One half to be paid at your first session and the remaining amount to be paid at your second session. You will receive a complimentary third session.

I accept debit, cash, e-transfer and credit card. There is a 3% surcharge on all credit card purchases.

Things to remember...

Any form of cosmetic tattoo is a process. It will take many sessions to achieve the realistic look we are going for. Make sure to follow your aftercare 100% of the time for best results. 

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to meeting you!

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